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42,87 EUR*
Details Militant-Citizenship-Rhetorical-Strategies-of-the-National-Womans-Party-1913-1920-Presidential-Rhetoric-Series-Band-21

Militant Citizenship In "Militant Citizenship: Rhetorical Strategies of the National Woman's Party, 1913-1920," Belinda A. Stillion Southard explores the ways in which the militant NWP negotiated institutional opposition and secured such a prominent ...

16,57 EUR*
Details Militants-de-la-Bible-aux-Etats-Unis-Evangliques-et-fondamentalistes-du-Sud-Frontires

Militants de la Bible aux Etats-Unis : Evangéliques et fondamentalistes du Sud

12,00 EUR*
Details Zwischenberichte-Zur-Diskussion-ber-die-Politik-der-bewaffneten-und-militanten-Linken-in-der-BRD-Italien-und-der-Schweiz

Zwischenberichte Zur Diskussion über die Politik der bewaffneten und militanten Linken in der BRD, Italien und der Schwe

93,99 EUR*
Details Transatlantic-Defiance-The-Militant-Irish-Republican-Movement-in-America-1923-45

This book examines the militant Irish republican movement in the United States from the final months of the Irish Civil War through to the Second World War. The narrative carefully and creatively intertwines the personalities, events and policies that ...